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  • Ebola Virus (EV) is one of the deadliest pathogenic viruses which cause the hemorrhagic fever. Exploring the Ebola-Human interaction is significant to understand the molecular mechanisms and pathogenesis to aid the drug therapy.
  • Human-based drug targeted therapy is an emerging approach in drug repurposing. Though, Ebola-human interaction studies are reported in the literature and databases, due to unavailability of adequate model and lack of publically accessible resources related to Ebola-human interaction in the perspective of repurposing of drugs for Ebola infection till today.
  • A comprehensive study is required to curate the Ebola-Human-Drug interaction which may give a profound sense of information to target the human-based drug for anti-viral development.270 human proteins interacted with Ebola are collected from experimental evidences published in the scientific literatures and analyzed to generate the Protein-protein networks of “Ebola-human” and “Ebola-Human-Drugs”.
  • The importance of the study has been illustrated by the enrichment analysis and pathway analysis to impart a vital knowledge on Ebola-human study.The integrated database, “Ebolabase” has been developed and linked with other repositories such as Epitopes, Structures, Literature, genomics and proteomics to get informationrelated to interacted genes to help the virology research community in a single platform

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